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Unique to New Zealand and only a 10 minute drive from the centre of New Plymouth situated in the heart of the Hillsborough district.


Hillsborough Holden Museum is a stunning new facility purposely built for the preservation and display of a private collection of Australian Holden cars and memorabilia. The cars range from well preserved early models, meticulously restored models through to late model new cars.

The Museum has evolved from a lifetime of passion and loyalty of Steve Fabish for the Holden brand of cars. Steve’s love for the Holden cars originated with his first Holden purchase being a 1972 HQ Ute.

Twenty years ago, Steve commenced his first car restoration which was an HX GTS 1977 Monaro four door, this progressed to a second restoration and the collection expanded from there.

Since this time Steve and his wife Joy have compiled a spectacular collection of Holden cars and Memorabilia for display in their museum.

They now welcome automotive enthusiasts to enjoy and appreciate the collection of classic and modern cars.

The Man Behind the venture

The Museum owners are Steve and Joy Fabish.  Steve grew up in the nearby small town of Inglewood. He acquired his mechanical skills from his father Des who was a Mechanic himself, and determined to teach his sons the basics of the trade. 

Steve learned the trade of building however and established his own successful building business which he has owned for 40 years. He is an avid admirer and supporter of the Holden car and personally loves the new late model cars.

As their collection of cars and Memorabilia expanded, Steve and Joy decided to build a suitable place to accommodate it all.  The museum was brought to life so other people can enjoy their passion and love for Holden cars.  

Steve adJoy Fabish
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